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Anne Beverley-Stamps

Anne Beverley-Stamps

Pensacola, FL


Anne Beverley (Stamps), recently relocated from West Tennessee to Pensacola. A former resident of Pensacola, she returned to continue painting her Coastal Art of the Gulf Coast.

For the past fifteen years, Anne has pursued her art career, painting wildlife and illustrations for children. Art was not always her vocation. Her career began in banking where she spent 15 years. When she felt the creative pull, she left her banking career to pursue other ventures. Her love of cooking and entertaining led her into the bed & breakfast business for seven years, and also writing a food column for a local paper. She has owned two bed and breakfast inns and a country store. While trying to juggle her painting with running an inn and store, the painting won out. She sold her business 15 years ago to pursue her art career.

Her latest venture has been writing and illustrating children's books. She has written and illustrated four children's books. Anne recently published a book "Quotations in Art", a coffee table book of illustrations and quotes.

Anne studied at The Memphis College of Art. She has served as an executive committee member on art council boards throughout the South. Anne is a licensed artist for Coasterstone Products. Her art appears on coasters and other products of the company which are sold nationally. Her work is exhibited at Atchison's Gallery located in Pensacola at 11th and Cervantes. E-Mail:


Bloody Mary by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Martini Talk by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Toast by Anne Beverley-Stamps


First Swim by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Pottery Jar by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Kinglet and Friend by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Frog in Green Pitcher Plant by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Pitcher Plant with Blooms by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Playing Hard to Get by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Fish for Dinner by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Lone Pelican by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Island Cross by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Black Skimmer by Anne Beverley-Stamps


Peaceful Day by Anne Beverley-Stamps